My Fest Friend (MFF) enables a Producer (winery, wholesaler, importer, etc.) to sell wines to attendees at events! So now, with MFF, your participation is not just a marketing opportunity, it’s a sales event! The prime time for person to buy your wine is when they are in front of your table at the event and just tried a wine they liked. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve heard a rep lamenting after an event how much wine they could have sold if there was just a way to do that. MFF can make that happen.

The way it works is simple. When you participate in an event/festival anywhere in the country, you send us the list of wines you’ll be pouring. We send the list to one or two retailers, that we choose, in the vicinity of the event. The retailer prices the wines.

Prior to the event, we send you a QR code to print and place at your booth/table. The attendee scans the QR code and then selects your booth to see a list of your wines. The attendee adds the wines they want to their cart and checks out at their leisure. The order is instantly sent to the retailer who then orders the wines from the wholesaler. The attendee picks up their order at the retailer the following week. MFF conforms to all state and local alcohol laws. 

Scan the QR code just like an attendee would to see a sample event.

MFF criteria is different in California than other states. 

IN CALIFORNIA: The California Alcohol Beverage Control has just approved My Fest MFF to be used at wine festivals in California to allow festival attendees to order wine through local wine stores without violating the Tide House Law! There is no charge for a winery to be listed in the app however, there is a 1000 attendee minimum per event to use MFF.

Data from the festival, including sales of your wines and how your sales compare to the other vendors as well as an opportunity to reach out to attendees, can be obtained for $89 per booth, per day.

OTHER STATES: To be in MFF for an event in any state other than California, it costs $89 per booth, per day. All the data mentioned above is included.


To get started in California or any other state:

1. Email us at with the name of the event, location and dates.

2. Include a list of wines you will be pouring at each booth to include the name of the wine, vintage and the local wholesaler. Also, be sure there are at least five cases of each wine on hand at the wholesaler to fulfill orders.

We’ll contact you after the submission with the next steps.


The Legal Part for California use:

From the law firm of Dickenson, Peatman & Fogarty: “For the reasons explained below, MFF’s proposed structure is acceptable under California’s alcohol beverage laws. MFF does not need a license to conduct the proposed operations. MFF’s structure is in compliance with industry guidance on third party marketers of alcohol licensees. And MFF’s structure does not violate the tied house laws in California. The proposed structure was also emailed to and discussed with Matthew Botting, the General Counsel of the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control on October 1, 2018. Mr. Botting agreed that the above structure was compliant with current alcohol beverage regulations, so long as the wineries are not required to pay to participate on the app.”